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GRANTHAM CLOSE, South Chailey, is a group of almshouses which provide warden assisted, sheltered housing to people over 60 with little capital and low income.

There are 37 flats, some double and others single.

We welcome you to apply for residency at Grantham Close. 


The Andros Alms House Charity (245543)

The Charity was founded in 1951 by the will of Sybil Grantham, a local Chailey resident, to provide homes for “elderly gentlewomen in distress”. The assets in the fund comprised land known as Hoggs Mead upon which the current buildings stand, together with other properties and investments. A Board of Trustees was formed and registered with the Charity Commission and her son Ivor Grantham was appointed Chairman. In 1965 Doctor Jack Palmer, a local G.P. conceived the idea of providing “sheltered Homes “where people could have their own at and be free of the worry of maintaining it, and also under the caring eye of a Warden who could answer their call at a moment's notice, and when necessary obtain the help they might need. As these aims seem to be common to Dr Jack Palmer and Ivor Grantham, Jack Palmer, the Rector Edwin Mathias the rector and Lady Elizabeth Rowe became the 1st trustees and set about implementing the scheme to provide this type of accommodation. Generous financial gifts from a local resident Mrs Christine Peckitt, Mrs Follet Holt and an unknown donor who lived in Switzerland enabled Reed, Follett Holt, and Meadow Houses to be built. Nym House was built from the proceeds of the sale of 6 cottages owned by the trust. The Residents' Centre was built on a plot of land purchased from an adjoining owner. 

Who Qualifies to Live in an Almshouse  

The  majority  of  residents  living  at  Grantham  close  today  will  be  of  retirement  age,  of   limited  financial  means  and  living  within  the  vicinity  of  the  Almshouse  charity and are able  to   live  independently. 

Residents  pay  a  weekly  maintenance  contribution  which  is  similar  to  rent  but   different  in  law,  and  less  than  a  commercial  rate.       We  guide  you  through  the  process  of  moving  in  and  offer  help  where  ever  we  can   and  once  settled,  two  of  our  trustees  will  visit  you  to  ensure  you  have  settled  in  and   offer  any  guidance.  

Please  see  contact  details  below  should  you  wish  to  apply  for  accommodation.    


Situated within a private road off the 275 lewes roads out chailey.

Local village shop, post office , local pubs serving food, there is a good bus service picking up from the entrance of Grantham close serving the historic town of lewes.

There is an array of local clubs and societies locally , St peters church which offer many social days which appeal to all age groups 

The surrounding countryside is particularly beautiful and is renowned for the bluebells in local woods. Brighton sea side is approximately 20 minutes away, glindbourne, seven sisters and south downs are all within easy reach.


Grantham Close consists of 37 flats, 4 two bedroomed and 33 one bedroomed, all designed for comfort and ease. 

Below is a sample of a layout of our one bedroom, click image to enlarge the plan. 

image of a plan on page showing the layout of the flats to be inserted. 

We offer a guest room for residence family and friends to use which can be booked through the on site manager . 


There is a Weekly contribution charge payable of which is used towards the running costs of Grantham close of which includes the costs of our emergency call system we have in place.


We have a live in manager warden who lives on site, who offers general support to residents who also over sees the day to day management of Grantham close working together with the trustees on a daily basis . 


The trust is governed by a group of local people dedicated to the smooth running of Grantham Close, the chair of the board of trustees is Peter Mulcare who has been appointed as a life time trustee .  

Grantham Close is a member of the ALMSHOUSE ASSOCIATION , registered charity number 245543.   


  • Limited means
  • In good health
  • Able to live independently
  • Of a friendly dispositionAble to provide the names of friends or family who are willing to after you should you become ill or in an emergency. 

Please fill out our contact form for accommodation and we will get back to you. 

Andros Almshouse Charity
The Grantham Close
South Chailey
Lewes Road
East Sussex

01273 400466